Printable Golf Tips to take with you to the course.
 Golf is not at all like you think it is, there is no tension in golf at all. The looser, the better, the more relaxed, the better. you can not tighten what is all ready tight.

At address center your weight over the middle of your feet, dig  in, get firmly set to go. 
Let your arms hang loosely from your shoulders, 
do not reach out or tighten your arms at  all.
Hold the club super lightly, No pressure is best.

Flex, do not  bend your knees.

club shaft should  be  in  the  center of  your body,  for men, down your zipper line.

Beware of forward presses, upward presses are better.   Try to stay in motion to  keep loose.
There are no swing thoughts, swing  with the target in your minds eye. 

At adress tilt your torso slightly to the right.
Don't cock your right hip inward, tilt your torso from the waist up  only.

Cock your  head like Jack  Nickalus slightly to the  right  before taking your backswing.

Your arms and the club form  a  Y shape, start the  club back  in one piece keeping  the Y shape until almost waist height. Swing the shoulders first, then turn your hips so your back faces the target or as  close to this  as  you can comfortable get.
your  wrists will  automatically cock correctly.

Never, ever, pull on the club to speed it up or to swing. do not consciously undock your wrists at any  point on the way down. Just stay loose in the wrists and arms and  let it happen by itself.

Start the downswing when you feel  coiled up nicely by moving your right  knee in front of your left leg.
Your left leg will move back as  your weight automatically shifts. Let the club go all the way  around your torso very freely to finish.

Position most shots 1 ball width ahead of  center.

Don't think, just let it happen. Address  the ball as  short a time as possible, start your one piece  backswing right away, don't allow  yourself time  to think at all.  Don't think, do. 
Golf  is  easy to do  and  learn  if  you  follow these simple tips to 
 successful Golf. 
Warning, the  pros will  never tell you this. (Its their little secret.)